Why ReSpeed

Why partnering with respeed*

  • More cost effective, faster in delivery of quality services, ensuring with confidence the right match based on elaborate techniques.
  • Aimed at setting an example we truly believe in which is our corporate social responsibility that we implement in our operations.
  • We have the right local experience, the burning passion, and the solid knowledge and the guts to believe in success.
  • Our talent pool is the fastest growing and the most comprehensive live database in country built by a team of experts in various field.
  • We collaborate with the local society and business community to offer the right solutions to our people for a better career and better life.
Our Differentiation
  • Passionate HR consultants ready and capable of providing tailored services, timely responsiveness and in time deliverables, high quality products and services.
  • Unique methodology in dealing with candidates, clients, and HR industry at the highest professionalism and best practice, local knowhow and practical experience in domestic markets.
  • Success stories achieved in the first stage of operations made us proud to present respeed* as major and reliable expert-house to your business needs.
Our Achievements
  • Rendered our services to hundreds of companies during the first five years: in many fields such as retail manufacturing, food, investment, real estate, marketing, public relations, technology and research.
  • Recruited a lot of executives: In real estate companies, financial institutions and restaurants.
  • Recruited many administrators and technicians in various enterprises, institutions and companies.
  • Nationalization: The largest percentage of jobs created through respeed* is assigned to Saudis.
  • Provided figures and statistics for many companies to help them make decisive decisions.
  • Branded companies as an employer of choice to attract the best competences and retain them.
  • Provided the best methodologies to develop organizations and companies.
  • Interviewed thousands of job seekers: face to face meeting and video conferencing.
  • Widespread in the social media: our followers on” LinkedIn” are more than hundred thousand.