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I was impressed by the idea of the HR Clinic which offers counselling and out-of-the-box solutions that helped me a lot

Khaled Mubarak,
Professional Translator

Wazfni is an innovative and easy-to-use application that helped me a lot find the right job

Adel Ahmad,

I really enjoyed the professionalism, efficiency and transparency during the interview with the respeed

Turki Abdulrahman,

I joined the female section at ReSpeed; the working environment there enables women to success and develop

Zainab Hashim,
ReSpeed Team

I enjoyed meeting with respeed*’ experts and I learned a lot from them. They have a genuine desire to help Saudi youth and empower them to work and innovate

Samiah Ali,
Fresh Graduate

Everything in respeed office stimulates teaming up and interaction. They have aa innovative work environment. respeed experts helped me find a job that suits my aspirations

Sarah Mohammed,

I liked the approach of the interviews, assessment and screening that are adapted by respeed* to select the best-fit competencies

Mohammed Hassan,
IT Manager

respeed contributed positively to the development of our operational capacities and they formed the organizational structures in our company. Their approach has proved highly effectiveness as it depends on understanding of the basic needs of Saudi society by providing sustainable solutions in a practical way easily to be implemented

Abdulrahman Almojel,
HR Manager

respeed has a highly passionate team who can improve SMEs and corporates by providing innovative solutions and deep analysis of the local situations

Mohammed Alghamdi,
VP Shared Services

respeed Team provides vital local approaches that meet our needs of both corporate and society. They helped us emphasizing the nationalization of many positions and gave us a lot of valuable consultations in this regard. I wish them more successes

Abdulrahman Alhudaithy,

respeed* adopts a new concept in attracting talent they helped us to recruit a creative team who was able to transform our vision and mission to plans and actions. I was also impressed by their great understanding of the local community and culture

Hassan Khodair,
GM Human Resources