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Recruiting Professional Staff

One of our specialties is sourcing staff for our clients in the professional category, employees who obtained bachelor or master degree and/or their career paths are formed and well established in having 2-6 years of experience. In addition to, hiring professional ladies to companies that have female section, and also we help companies to establish female sections in term of providing talent, legal advices, regulations, and policy and procedures to operate female section as per labor law in Saudi Arabia.

The recruitment process passes through many stages including initial interview to explore the personality followed by an analytical interview to confirm the income and check the certificates and references; and a technical interview with an expert reaching to the induction meeting before the start of the new work and ongoing consultancy process.

Standard recruitment process takes less than six weeks, that includes research and the selection of the best talented. Starting from the beginning of the project and the talent search (5 days), selection of the best candidates (two days), held interviews (3 days) and finalizing the recruitment (10 days).