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Consultancy project alliance- formulating respeed* new strategy

respeed* had partnered with Solidiance business consulting advisory firm to go beyond traditional tactics, make decisions and implementation plans towards a common strategic vision, aligning the strategy with the critical dimensions of the business for respeed*’s continuous achievement of its vision.

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People are relying more and more on mobile devices to interact with the world and that trend extends to the job search process.
As an added encouragement to proactive recruitment,
respeed* is using a dynamic easy to use job app for an added user-friendly experience.
Making it easy to apply to jobs immediately on the go.
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Another well known regional company joined respeed*

We are proud to offer our candidates great jobs with the best employers of choice to build and grow their career. Alshaya company has signed with respeed* to recruit talents from across the Kingdom.

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Another huge International Company Joined respeed*

We are proud to offer Saudi candidates great jobs with the best employers of choice to build and grow their career. Today BAE Systems signed with respeed* to recruit talented Saudis to work with them in different cities in Saudi Arabian. they are hiring Female and Male candidates from different level and different educational background.

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Leadership workshop

HR Leaders enjoyed the unique expedience of attending two-days leadership and decision making workshop took place in respeed* conference hall where they interact with professor Nicholas and learn new approaches that can be useful and workable in their departments and companies. 22 senior HR professional registered for this event and will rejoin in two…

New featured employer

respeed* had just signed a long contract with a new investing company expanding their operations to Saudi Arabia. Alghanem Group is opening their first out-of-country business in Electronics and Hi Tech gadgets In Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. Their 1st out of five mega stores will open to public early next year. Nissan qashqai 2014 preis…