HR Clinic

HR Clinic

Really…! Is there a clinic for HR?

What would you do if your professional life is at risk? Where would you go? Whom would you consult? How can you get a therapy?

Doctors know how to treat our bodies and psychology, lawyers know how to treat our legal problems and obstacles, but who would know how to treat our professional problems at work?

Big companies established departments for career guidance to treat such problems at workplace, and they succeeded, to a large extent, in identifying some remedies that improved professionals’ satisfaction towards their work-life balance. But sadly, we are lacking in our professional communities and corporate life for such counseling services. If present, they are very few and failed to earn the trust of its beneficiaries due to the absence of impartiality, credibility and specialization. Therefore, creating a third party body that takes care of employees’ need for counseling, provides job seekers with employment advices, and caters professionals with guidance about their careers would be the desired solution everybody is aiming for.

The Research and Development team in respeed* has decided to offer this service and launch the first human resource clinic in the Middle East to be added to the company HR services under the name of “HR Clinic”.

HR Clinic provides counseling, employment guidance and consulting services to professionals and job seekers in the following areas:

  • Termination and resignation
  • Rights & duties in workplace
  • Favouritism
  • Low job performance
  • Harassment
  • Ditched career path
Career Advancement
  • Promotion possibility assessment
  • Market value benchmarking
  • Career change
  • Disciplinary action validation
  • Discovering competencies
  • Leadership profiling
  • Employability assessment
  • Occupational interest identification
  • CV evaluation
Special Purpose Assessments
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • The Entrepreneur
  • I.Q
  • Dominant personality traits
  • Sales power
  • Futuring match
  • Executive pathway
  • Business English
  • Birkman
Counseling session includes:
  • Surveying the case
  • Psychometric assessment procedure
  • Meeting the counselor
  • Discussing psychometric assessment findings
  • Offering suggested solutions
  • Case reporting

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