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Dears, I picked this noble industry to venture a unique business model where humans are the core focal point of my products and services. Meeting people, talking to them, listening to their hearts and minds, learning from them and unassumingly adding values to their lives have been always my driver in life. Like many others, I believe that people are the goal of business and life as well, but I want to add to this belief that I know that God created us smart enough to earn our living and everyone of us deserves a job that pairs one’s capabilities and competencies to maintain decent life, reward hardworking and value high performance.

During my professional and personal life I encountered many hardships and obstacles, mostly related to wrong jobs, wrong companies or more specifically wrong appreciation. I would have done much better if I had the right to choose or the privilege to be advised especially when it comes to a decision to join a new company with the limited alternatives that I had in my career provided I had had huge potentials, solid credentials, and well proven work habits and ethics. The good part is that I did learn, and the “ups and downs” have shaped my personality that I acquire now where I feel that it’s my turn to pay back and help some people and some employers not to miss opportunities that are scattered around.

This venture has been branched to bridge the gap of inconsistent and lack of professional recruitment and HR services from corporate, candidate and expert house prospectives. A gap that I, personally, suffered from during my experience in human resources industry. Companies are in indefinite race for hiring and developing talent, candidates are looping in vicious circle pursuing their dream jobs, and expert houses are struggling in finding the magic formula to make dreams come true and satisfy companies and candidates.

I confess that I don’t have the magic stick, neither the mystic spell to drastically change the world or at least the HR part of it, but I have succeeded to recruit a wonderful team as passionate as myself to work together towards softening the hard edge that gap had created in our community so we can assist you to bring lucky days into your business, life and family. Wish me luck! respeed* Founder