We work not only to meet or exceed expectation but to impress.


We innovate all our solution from the history of people and their success stories. We always look for the scalable mindset.


We are so proud of our partners, team and clients, together we made it to the front and heading to the top.


We connect people with business and improves their work-life balance

There is no such thing as simply good enough. For us, only great is good enough. Our unique services and products go beyond business to reach and touch everyone’s life, career, future and aspiration.

Our Passion

Because we love our world.

We believe that people are the founders of civilization, culture and prosperity of any nation. We selected to develop ourselves, our county, society, business and community through developing the passion in our people. Passionate employees will contribute to the success and evolving of any company they will join ...

Our Team

Because we attract right.

Our team is consisting of highly motivated and well oriented professionals who are carefully chosen for such noble industry. Our talent scouts are a combination of associates, affiliates, and industry experts. Our Associates are so passionate about HR and recruitment services, well educated ...

Our Philosophy

Because we dream.

We choose to work with people and for people. Our services and products go beyond business to reach and touch everyone’s life, career, future and aspiration. Our business models revolve around the reality in presenting respeed* to the people as an expert house that connects people with business ...

"The best business growth that corporates can achieve is by opening up to emerging opportunities, making the most of their resources and blending talents with fit methodologies to create exponential sustainability"

Our Inspiration

Jack" Welch’s business 4 Es inspired us to come up with our life 4 Es embedding in our daily work.


Just because it doesn’t sound good, we don’t call ourselves perfectionists, instead we thrive to achieve excellence in everything we do.

Empowering people to obtain the knowledge, tools and information they need to achieve a high quality and the sense of control.
Paying great attention to the world around us. We listen and respond to the needs of our employees, candidates and clients.
The fact that we live in this world makes us responsible to adapt all legal, ethical and environmental practices in our business.


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